Day 1 with Passionfroot

Day 1 with Passionfroot

For your first successful sponsorship booking, follow this guide to get the most out of Passionfroot.

Step 1: Set up storefront

Add channel

To get started, pick a channel such as your newsletter or podcast that you want to monetize. Next, add a product you want to offer. Your products are the concrete offerings that a brand can buy. Depending on the medium, you can offer different kinds of products. Below you can find an overview of typical product categories:

Product name
Sponsored Ad
Ad at the top of a newsletter usually sponsoring the entire newsletter issue
Classified Ad
Ad inside the newsletter, usually at the bottom of a newsletter issue
Pre-roll Ad
Ad read by the podcast host at the beginning of a podcast
Mid-roll Ad
Ad read by the podcast host in the middle of a podcast
Post-roll Ad
Ad read by the podcast host at the end of a podcast
Sponsored Video
Dedicated video about a sponsor
Ad is integrated into the video


If you need help on how to price your newsletter sponsorships, you can find our pricing benchmark guide here.

Step 2: Add available slots

In order to enable partners to book your products, you have to add available slots for each product. Go to Openings:

  1. Choose a channel.
  2. Choose your product.
  3. Add your available slots for each product.

Step 3: Set up payment

To receive payments, you need to go through the Stripe onboarding in Payments:

  1. Click on Payments
  2. Insert e-mail address and phone number
  3. Insert OTP from Stripe
  4. Select country and type of business
  5. Verify personal details (Legal name of person, E-mail address, date of birth, home address, phone number)
  6. Tell more about your business
  7. Select an account for payouts (Currency, country of bank account, IBAN)
  8. ID Verification (check Stripe for eligible documents)

More information from Stripe here.

Step 4: Share your page to receive bookings

Now, you’re ready to share the URL of your storefront page, so that brands can book one or multiple sponsorships. Best ways to share your storefront and get bookings: - Website - Link in bio - Email signature - Social media post or announcement - Newsletter, Podcast / Youtube Shownotes - Share with potential partners

How Creators share their storefront

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