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What do I see in my Passionfroot workspace?

Through the left sidebar you currently can access Openings and Payments


On the openings view you can see all openings of your products sorted by date. You will be able to see the current status of the request, i.e. “available” or “booked”, the channel and the product name, the requesting company, the stage of the collaboration and the price of the product.



You will be able to track all payments of your collaborations through Passionfroot. Simply connect to your Stripe account and let the magic unfold.

Before activation

Please follow this link to learn how to verify your Payments section is activated properly.

After activation

Once activated you will be able to access your Stripe account from the workspace. You can both see the Payment dashboard and edit the business settings.

What can I do when an opening is open and I have a pending request?

When you have a pending request for an available opening you can see all information the partner provided at one glance and decide to accept or reject the request.

How do I accept a request?

Once you see an open request, you can accept it by clicking on “Accept” in the upper right corner. A window opens up asking you whether you want to collect assets now or later. If you choose later, you can define how much ahead of the actual opening date you want to collect the assets.

How do I reject the request?

There is also a simple way to reject requests. After clicking on reject, a window opens up where you can select a reason why you want to reject the request. You can select between “Timing does not fit”, “No brand fit”, and “Other”. Irrespective of what you choose, a pre-populated message to the requesting partner pops up. Feel free to send out the rejection as is or adjust the message as you like.

What happens after I accept a request?

After you accept or reject a request, the partner gets informed and next steps are initiated:

  • If you accept a request, the partner is prompted to send additional information for the collaboration
  • If you reject a request, the collaboration flow comes to an end and no actions follow
How do I send reminders to a partner to collect the details for the ad copy?

If the partner doesn’t follow up quickly enough, you will be able to send reminders directly from the request page. Here too, you will be able to adjust the reminder message as you like.

How do I propose a copy to a partner?

Once the partner sends the creative briefing, you can propose a copy to the partner. On the request page you can

How does the partner provide assets or respond to me?

The partner will not have to log in to Passionfroot to provide assets or respond to the creator throughout the collaboration process. This will all be handled seamlessly via mail.

How do I block/unblock openings?

You can simply block/unblock openings by clicking on the three dots (”meatball menu”) at the very right of each opening.

How large do pictures have to be for the asset collection step?

We usually work with images that are 1400*700 large. If you want to collect and work with a different size, let us know and we will adjust the asset collection for you.

How do I create a one-off opening?

From the Openings view, click on “Add new opening” button on the top right.

Note: If you want to create multiple new openings at once, it’s better you reach out to our Customer Support so they can do it for you.

How do I skip copy review?

When your collaboration is in “Prepare copy” status, you have the option to skip the next steps entirely, and and finalize the collaboration immediately.

Your Partner won’t receive a copy proposal anymore and you keep full control of your content!


How do I access request view?

The request view is located at the top left of the workspace. Here, you can see all pending requests in one centralized view and take immediate action.


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