Storefront FAQ


What is a storefront and what do I need it for?

Think of it as the storefront of a creator business that includes all products and services that a creator wants to offer to potential partners. For Passionfroot this is includes a Sponsored Ad and a Classified Ad for the Filtered Fridays newsletter, as well as Pre-, Mid-, and Post-roll Ads for the Creators on Air podcast.

What products can I offer through the Passionfroot storefront currently?

Passionfroot currently offers its platforms to newsletter writers and podcast hosts.

  • Newsletter writers can offer Sponsored Ads and Classified Ads
  • Podcast hosts can offer Pre-, Mid-, and - Post-roll Ads
How are different products defined by Passionfroot?
Sponsored Ad
Ad at the top of a newsletter usually sponsoring the entire newsletter issue
Classified Ad
Ad inside the newsletter, usually at the bottom of a newsletter issue
Ad read by the podcast host at the beginning of a podcast
Ad read by the podcast host in the middle of a podcast
Ad read by the podcast host at the end of a podcast
What information can I show on my storefront?

As a creator, you can show the following information on your Passionfroot storefront:

  • Your name
  • Your tagline
  • Your social media links
  • Your products by channel, i.e. which technology platform you offer the product on
Who can see my Passionfroot storefront?

Everyone you share the storefront link with can also see your Passionfroot storefront.

Who can see the prices that I set on the Passionfroot storefront?

Currently, everyone who has access to your storefront is also able to see the prices you have set for your products.

How can I share my Passionfroot storefront?

You can simply share the URL of your Passionfroot storefront.

Who should I contact if I want to make changes to my Passionfroot storefront?

There are three ways to get in touch with support at Passionfroot:

  1. Via mail
  2. Via Slack
  3. Via Twitter


How do I book a product?

Once you decide which product to book, simply select the product and follow the booking flow:

  1. Pick an opening
  2. Share more about your campaign
  3. Share the reason why you want to work with the creator
  4. Share data about yourself
  5. Share which company you represent
  6. Review the shared information and submit the request 💥
Can I see storefronts of other creators?

No, you cannot see who else has a Passionfroot storefront. Passionfroot doesn’t operate as a marketplace.


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