Your first booking

Congrats, you received your first partner request! Now what?

Step 1: Review your request

Once you receive a request by a partner, you can review it in your workspace and simply accept or reject it. In case you want to propose a different price or date to the partner, you can also simply send a new proposal to the partner. Once they accepted the new proposal, they are required to pay.

Step 2: Get paid

In order to get paid, you need to create or connect your existing Stripe account. When you accept a request or when the partner accepts your proposal, you can initiate the payment by sending an invoice through the Payments portal. You are free to choose a due date for the payment. This is how an exemplary invoice looks like.


Step 3: Receive creative briefing

Right after you are paid, the partner sends over the creative briefing to inform you about any specifications to the booked product. The partner will share with you key communication points, links and further creative assets so you can integrate this into your content:


Step 4: Propose content (optional)

Based on the creative briefing, you can create the content and get it reviewed and approved by the partner. If you want to skip the review, you can just click on “Skip to Ready” and let the partner know that you received their creative briefing.


The partner can suggest edits or simply accept the proposed copy.




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