How it works

Passionfroot lets brands or any other external party book collaborations with creators via their storefronts. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Send your request

Once you decide which product to book, simply select the product and follow the booking flow:

  1. Pick an opening
  2. Share more about your campaign
  3. Share the reason why you want to work with the creator
  4. Share data about yourself
  5. Share which company you represent
  6. Review the shared information and submit the request 💥


Step 2: Request is being reviewed

Once you make a request through a creator’s storefront, the request is being reviewed by the creator. The creator has the option to accept and reject a request, or to make a new proposal based on the initial request.

Step 3: Complete payment

Once a request is accepted or you agree on the terms of a proposal made by the creator you can proceed to pay the creator for the booked product once the creator sends across the invoice.

Step 4: Share creative briefing

After the payment and depending on when the creator needs your creative briefing, you will be asked to share the creative assets. Here’s how it looks:


Step 5: Review content (optional)

Once the content is ready you have the chance to review it, suggest edits or give your green light.




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