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Welcome to Passionfroot’s help center the one-stop-shop for learning everything about working with Passionfroot. Passionfroot is an all-in-one business solution for creators and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Passionfroot is made for creators who want to worry less about all the administrative to dos that come along with running a creator business. We take care of the entire flow a creator goes through when monetising his content. The flow is captured by the Passionfroot storefront, the Passionfroot workspace, and payments that happen for each successful collaboration!


The storefront is where the creator displays all of his/ her products and services that can be booked by a partner. It functions as a go-to-place for companies to explore a creator’s product portfolio with information on audience, all bookable products and supports a booking engine that is linked to the creator’s workspace and feeds it with incoming requests.



The workspace is the internal view for a creator to review and manage each in-bound request and to collaborate with partners on confirmed requests. Everything, from accepting the request to closing a request upon completion of the collaboration can be done within the workspace.



Passionfroot is making every collaboration as smoothly as possible. Through a Stripe integration the Creator can receive payments through multiple technologies, manage their finances and plan the cashflow for his/ her creator business.



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